Sunday, 29 November 2015

New Cranksets added to Brown Jersey Bikes range

Some ├╝ber cool additions to our growing range of fixie and retro bike cranks this month with the addition of some high end external bottom bracket models along with some new square taper JIS versions.

Wether you're building a new fixie bike, updating your existing single speed with a bit of fixie bling or doing a retro bike rebuild or even just building a new stylish ride we've got something that will fit the bill.

The CORVETTE (above) is available in single chainring version (Single Speed and Fixie Bikes) and double chainring version (retro bike rebuilds and new bike builds)

The JIS square taper MUSTANG series (above) represent excellent value for a classy retro style fixie crank.  available with 48T chainrings in black or polished silver.

Another of the double chainring external BB series is the CHARGER (above).  Seriously retro cool chains available in 50T/34T or 48T/32T versions.

All available online, with our preferred Brown Jersey Bikes stockists and in our concept store at 478 Wattle Street ULTIMO.