Sunday, 4 December 2016

Brown Jersey ISLINGTON

The Islington is all class.   

The heart of any bike is the frame - the heart of the frame is the material it's made from. Reynolds 725 CrMo is a very nice material indeed - heat treated and double butted meaning that the gauge of the tubing varies along it's length, thicker where is needed (joins) and thinner where it's not - end result is a frame that is both lighter AND stronger. The 'Islington' however, is not just about the Reynolds 725 it's made from it's about art of refined bicycle design.  The geometry of this bike is all about the rider experience - treading the line between performance and comfort is somewhat tricky, but when it is done correctly the end result is bicycle magic and that is exactly what the 'Islington' is all about.

Finished in very deep coloured blue (Blue Nights) with the details in shades of silver it's an elegant look that will stand the test of time.

The standard bike is available in 5 frame sizes and is equipped with full Shimano Tiagra 10S group, Weinmann wheels and just enough polished alloy to make the package shine ...all for $1585.

If you're up for an upgrade, no problem. A full Shimano 105 11s 'Islington' will set you back $2,445 or a full Shimano Ultegra 11s 'Islington' is available at  $3,145.  Other custom builds by request.

If you're after a classic bike with no compromise on ride performance and quality then this is the bike for you!

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Fixies with Colour are back!

Those with a keen eye will have noticed something on the city streets in the last few months that we haven't seen in a few years - colours on bikes!  More to the point there is an incoming tide of fixie riders who are totally not afraid to express their personal tastes with a small, subtle splash of colour (like anodised coloured hubs on a set of nice single speed wheels) or even a full on assault of very bright cranks, rims, handlebars, seat posts, bells, helmets, frames, grips, bartape, saddles and virtually every other part of their fixie ride....

We love it.

Check out our custom 'Divvy Van' fixie with high profile violet anodised rims, violet anodised Novatec Sealed Bearing hubs, violet Brown Jersey 'Scaracen' chains, Thickslick tyres and all the goods.

Check out our baseline single speed fixie bike a bit further here:Brown Jersey DIVVY VAN
Hit the red 'Customise this bike' button and go for your life!

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Handbuilt Fixie Wheels

Recently arrived we have a good supply of Weinmann SEC16 double wall rims (black with CNC machined braking surface), Novatec sealed bearing high flange anodised coloured hubs and Stainless MACH 1 spokes (silver or black).  What are we doing with all of this high quality gear?

Good question, but the answer is even better!  We're hand building some excellent and very stylish fixie wheels.  So if you want to add a bit of high end styling to your fixie or single speed bike these new handbuilt fixie wheels are an excellent start.   A great addition to any Brown Jersey or Cinelli fixie bikes (or any other single speed bike for that matter).

The rear hub is a flip-flop hub - meaning that you can ride fixed gear one side or flip the wheel over and have a freewheel on the other side.

Brown Jersey Fixie Wheels

Monday, 7 November 2016

Brown Jersey Internal Gear Hub CHARLIE

The NEW Brown Jersey CHARLIE 3 Speed is available now.  Just $695 gets you a great urban bike to mash around the streets in speed, style and comfort. Brown Jersey has long been known for it's excellent internal gear hub bikes - built to look like the ultra cool fixes but with gears.  The new CHARLIE 3 speed bike is possibly the best of this genre to date.  It utilises the Shimano NEXUS 3 Speed Internal gear hub built out with stainless spokes and lovely SEC16 Weinmann rims (black).  The frame is the heart of any bike - this brown jersey frame is fabricated from high quality 4130 CrMo tubing with forged track ends, forged for tips, forged seatpost clamp and our signature forged sloping fork crown.  5 frames sizes ensure a perfect fitting bike regardless of rider size.

Brown Jersey is not just about fixies - we do internal gear hub bikes better than the big brands and also do a great range of derailleur bikes as well!  Check out our range of urban bikes here: Bicycle Range

Saturday, 22 October 2016

Brown Jersey Fixie - Serious upgrades to Monaco for 2017

Brown Jersey has long been known for it's excellent single speed bikes and fixes.  Stalwart in the line up have been the Monaco range of bullhorn handlebar fixies bikes that are built out with quality components.  The frame is the heart of any bike - the brown jersey fix frame is fabricated form high quality 4130 CrMo tubing with forged track ends, forged for tips, forged seatpost clamp and our signature forged sloping fork crown.  

This year there are some serious upgrades to the standard model with the standard equipment on the Monaco version fixie bike including; Thickslick tyres, leather saddle, external bearing bottom bracket and the nicest fix cranks you'll see anywhere: the Brown Jersey Corvette chainset.

The introductory price on this very special fixie bike just $885!

Monday, 28 March 2016


The Brown Jersey 'Speakeasy' is the new 27 Speed flatcar road bike in our range.  A stunning frame fabricated out of Reynolds 520 butted CrMo tubing is available in 5 frame sizes to enable a perfect fit for riders of all sizes.

The geometry of the bike is performance road inspired, yet with the inclusion of a set of bosses on the seat stays a pannier rack can be easily installed to create  one heel of a commuter bike!

Fitted out with Shimano Sora 9 Speed rear derailleur, Shimano Sora Triple front derailleur and slick Shimano Sora flat bar trigger shifter - all combined with a very nice FSA Gossamer triple chainset (external bearing BB of course!!).  Weinman double wall rims shod with 28mm gunwale tyres for that extra bit of retro bike chic.  A very nice bicycle for those who want high quality and performance from their retro bike.

Available at one of the smart bike shops that stock Brown Jersey Bikes, online at our website or in our own Ubran Bike Shop in Ultimo Sydney (478 Wattle Street Ultimo).  RRP $1,085 AUD

Monday, 15 February 2016

Retro Ladies Bike 3 Speed Milan RED

The Brown Jersey Retro Ladies Bike range has been very popular amongst our bike shop customers over the Summer months.  The Brown Jersey Retro Ladies Bike range consist of 4 internal gear hub models - all Sturmey Archer equipped.

Perhaps the most popular bike in the range at the moment is the Brown Jersey Milan Mixte in red.  This is not just a very elegant Retro Bike - it's a very high quality bike from the ground up.  Like all bikes in our range this one has sealed bearing hubs, sealed bearing headset, sealed bearing bottom bracket and stainless steel spokes.  These bits, combined with the polished alloy finish on a majority of the high quality components means that you won't be seeing rust on this bike, unlike many of the cheap retro bikes that are currently plaguing the retro ladies bike space.

The Brown Jersey Milan is fitted with the bullet proof Sturmey Archer 3 Speed internal gear hub and is matched with the lovely crisp shifting Sturmey Archer trigger shifters. New on this model for this season is the uber of Velo Plush saddle, the Velo soft ergo grips and the composite full length mudguards.

As far as retro ladies bikes go this little mite bike stands head and shoulders above the crowd in terms of quality, design and style.  RRP $739 AUD.

Thursday, 14 January 2016

Brown Jersey Fixie - 'Monaco' Limited Edition

Brown Jersey Bikes are well know for their great quality fixie bikes and with very good reason.  The fixes we build are superior design, incredible quality and hipster stylish.  All of our fixie bikes have sealed bearing hubs front and rear, sealed bearing headsets and sealed bearing bottom brackets.  Our standard wheels utilise high flange Formula (yes, sealed bearing) hubs, stainless steel spokes (no rust) and lovely double wall polished alloy rims.

A new addition to the fleet this year is the 'Monaco' Limited - an all black affair with metallic silver decals.  Standard equipment on this fixie includes Prowheel 'Chariot' chainset, bull horn bars and as usual with all our fixies, forged track ends, forged seatpost collar, forged fork crown and forged fork tips.

Very stylish.

Available in 5 frame sizes at $620 in the standard configuration - but if you really want to make this bike sing perhaps add some Plus Son wheels and a Brown Jersey Leather Saddle!!!