Monday, 7 November 2016

Brown Jersey Internal Gear Hub CHARLIE

The NEW Brown Jersey CHARLIE 3 Speed is available now.  Just $695 gets you a great urban bike to mash around the streets in speed, style and comfort. Brown Jersey has long been known for it's excellent internal gear hub bikes - built to look like the ultra cool fixes but with gears.  The new CHARLIE 3 speed bike is possibly the best of this genre to date.  It utilises the Shimano NEXUS 3 Speed Internal gear hub built out with stainless spokes and lovely SEC16 Weinmann rims (black).  The frame is the heart of any bike - this brown jersey frame is fabricated from high quality 4130 CrMo tubing with forged track ends, forged for tips, forged seatpost clamp and our signature forged sloping fork crown.  5 frames sizes ensure a perfect fitting bike regardless of rider size.

Brown Jersey is not just about fixies - we do internal gear hub bikes better than the big brands and also do a great range of derailleur bikes as well!  Check out our range of urban bikes here: Bicycle Range

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