Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Fixies with Colour are back!

Those with a keen eye will have noticed something on the city streets in the last few months that we haven't seen in a few years - colours on bikes!  More to the point there is an incoming tide of fixie riders who are totally not afraid to express their personal tastes with a small, subtle splash of colour (like anodised coloured hubs on a set of nice single speed wheels) or even a full on assault of very bright cranks, rims, handlebars, seat posts, bells, helmets, frames, grips, bartape, saddles and virtually every other part of their fixie ride....

We love it.

Check out our custom 'Divvy Van' fixie with high profile violet anodised rims, violet anodised Novatec Sealed Bearing hubs, violet Brown Jersey 'Scaracen' chains, Thickslick tyres and all the goods.

Check out our baseline single speed fixie bike a bit further here:Brown Jersey DIVVY VAN
Hit the red 'Customise this bike' button and go for your life!

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