Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Handbuilt Fixie Wheels

Recently arrived we have a good supply of Weinmann SEC16 double wall rims (black with CNC machined braking surface), Novatec sealed bearing high flange anodised coloured hubs and Stainless MACH 1 spokes (silver or black).  What are we doing with all of this high quality gear?

Good question, but the answer is even better!  We're hand building some excellent and very stylish fixie wheels.  So if you want to add a bit of high end styling to your fixie or single speed bike these new handbuilt fixie wheels are an excellent start.   A great addition to any Brown Jersey or Cinelli fixie bikes (or any other single speed bike for that matter).

The rear hub is a flip-flop hub - meaning that you can ride fixed gear one side or flip the wheel over and have a freewheel on the other side.

Brown Jersey Fixie Wheels

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